The importance of maintaining your vehicle’s radiator

The radiator system in your vehicle keeps the engine cool, preventing your vehicle from overheating and the professional technicians at Oakville Auto Radiator in Oakville are radiator specialists who can help maintain your radiator so your vehicle continues to run smoothly.

Oakville Auto Radiator is a family-run business that has been serving the Oakville-Burlington area since 1961.  Locally owned and operated, they are a full service automotive and truck repair shop that specializes in the repair of car and truck radiators as well as cooling and fuel systems and air conditioning.

Your vehicle’s engine generates a lot of heat and, if the heated is not cooled, your engine could be damaged or destroyed. To keep the engine cool, coolant is circulated through the engine block, where it is heated, then through the radiator where the heat escapes into the atmosphere before the coolant is re-circulated through the engine.

Therefore, maintaining your radiator and cooling system helps to ensure that your vehicle runs properly and prolongs the life of the radiator. Checking the level of coolant in the radiator, topping up the fluid when necessary and watching the engine temperature gauge in your vehicle for signs that your engine is running hot are steps you can take yourself to make sure the cooling system is working.

In addition, you should take your vehicle to a qualified auto shop such as Oakville Auto Radiator once or twice a year to have the radiator and cooling system inspected. From repairs and installation to parts and maintenance, Oakville Auto Radiator provides complete radiator and automotive services for all vehicles, including commercial and industrial.

Oakville Auto Radiator also offers full automotive and truck air conditioning services and professional services on all new and rebuilt condensers and semi-automatic and automatic air conditioning systems as well as fuel tank re-lining, radiator repair, computer diagnostics and maintenance checks for commercial and industrial vehicles.

When you need your vehicle’s radiator, cooling, heating and air conditioning serviced, go to Oakville Auto Radiator 234 Speers Rd. in Oakville or call them at 905-845-4962. For information on their services, visit their website

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